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International affairs should be conferred by national office
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Ladies and gentlemen:

After two years once again came to the rainbow nation, the mood is very happy. I deeply feel the hospitality of the people of South Africa and positive support to the brics cooperation. Here, I would like to President Jacob zuma and this meeting, the South African government for the thoughtful arrangements made by express my heartfelt thanks!

There is an old saying in China, tzu chi us, not for shanhai. We five countries from four continents in the world, in order to build partnerships, goals of achieving common development together, in order to promote democracy in international relations, and promote the lofty cause of human peace and development together. Peace and development, and promote cooperation, mutual benefit, is our common desire and responsibility. We will firmly maintain the fairness and justice, the maintenance of world peace and stability. Today the world is not peaceful, global threats and challenges emerge in endlessly. The brics countries all love peace, cherish peace. Achieve lasting peace in the world, and let every country in the world have a peaceful and stable social environment, let the people of each country can be a good and prosperous life, is our common desire. No matter how the international situation changes, we will always adhere to the peaceful development and win-win cooperation, peace not war, cooperation not confrontation, in the pursuit of national interests when both reasonable concerns of other countries. No matter how international situation changes, we will always adhere to the equality, democracy, eclecticism, respect the rights of the countries to choose its own social system and road to development, respect the diversity of civilization, do all nations, big or small, strong or weak, rich and poor, are equal members of the international community, one thing by their own people in charge, things by countries to discuss the international office. No matter how to change the global governance system, we should actively participate in, play a constructive role, push towards a more just and reasonable international order, provide institutional guarantee for world peace and stability. We should vigorously promote global development partnership, promote the common prosperity of all countries. Makes no garland. In the era of in-depth development of economic globalization, under the condition of the brics development not immune, must be in pursuing national development at the same time promote the common development of all countries. We strive to develop economy, improve people's livelihood, do your own thing and add some more to the world economic growth point. We should encourage countries to strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination, the reform of the international monetary and financial system, promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and promote the development of the global economy is more strong. We want to participate in the development of the international development agenda, make full use of the productivity of accumulation of human and material resources, complete the United Nations development goals in one thousand, narrowing the north-south development gap and promote a more balanced global development. Today meeting theme of "committed to the development, integration and industrialization of partnership", is not only the development target of the bric countries, and is also the important direction of the bric countries cooperation with African countries. We need partnership closely linked to the bric countries, under the big strength to promote economic and trade, finance, infrastructure construction, personnel exchanges cooperation, towards integration, multi-level big circulation, large market armed big unicom, culture communication goals. We want to support Africa looking for strong growth, the efforts to speed up the integration and realize industrialization, promote the African economy becomes the new luminescent spot of the world economy. We should deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and seek mutual benefit and win-win results. The brics countries 3 billion people to have a good life, fully realize the people's yearning for a better life, there is still a long way to go. This way, mainly by national self-reliance, also need the bric countries to strengthen cooperation. We will continue to enhance political mutual trust and friendship, five countries strengthen governing experience exchange, to promote industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, to grasp the law of development, the innovation development idea, crack development problems. At the United Nations should continue to strengthen, the group of 20, such as international economic and financial institutions within the framework of the coordination and cooperation, safeguard common interests. , we need to get the national political consensus into concrete action, actively promote the brics development Banks, foreign exchange reserve, such as project, to speed up the pragmatic cooperation in all areas, strengthen the cooperation of the economic and social foundation, present the brics internal development and external cooperation's positive image. The brics countries was founded five years, is still in the initial stage of development. We want to do your own thing solidly good, the brics partnership development is good, the brics cooperation mechanism construction. As long as we firmly to their own development path of self-confidence, self-confidence of the brics cooperation, not for any risk of fear, not to be confused by any interference, our business will be able to thrive.

Dear colleagues! Everyone is concerned about China's future development. For the future, China will have working towards two goals: one is to 2020 gross domestic product (GDP) and urban and rural residents per capita income than doubled in 2010, built benefit population of a well-off society in an all-round way. 2 it is to the new China was founded in 2049 in 100 to build prosperous democratic, civilized and harmonious modern socialist country. In order to achieve these two goals, we will continue to take development as the first priority, and the economic construction as the central task, continue to promote national economic and social development. We will adhere to the people-oriented, promoting the economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction and ecological civilization construction, and promote the modernization construction coordinated all aspects, each link, the construction of beautiful China. This development is the development of the open, we will adhere to the basic state policy of opening to the outside world, adhere to the win-win strategy of opening up, constantly improve the level of the open economy. This development is the development of cooperation, we will adhere to the concept of common development, on the basis of equality and mutual benefit to carry out economic and technological cooperation with all countries in the world, through cooperation to promote their own development and the common development of all countries. In order to achieve these two goals, we need a good external environment. China will continue to pursue an independent foreign policy of peace, the Chinese people's interests with the common interests of all the peoples of the world, with all countries in the world to continue to strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination, against protectionism, and improve global economic governance, and jointly promote world economic growth.

Dear colleagues! Strengthen cooperation with the bric countries, has always been one of China's foreign policy priority. China will continue to strengthen cooperation with the bric countries, make the brics countries more robust economic growth, and better cooperation framework, cooperation more rich, to bring tangible benefits to the people all over the world, a much larger contribution to world peace and development.

Thank you very much.

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